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Valentina Vanasia

Valentina’s training in illustration began when she was still a child. It was during this this period in her life that she firmly decided what she wanted to do once grew up: she wanted to draw. Valentina spent years drawing and eventually graduated from the Artistic High School in Milan Italy, finding many inspirational themes to further define and expand her creativity whilst exploring new techniques to perfect her style. Advancing as an accomplished illustrator, Valentina’s knowledge was strengthened within the walls of the Brera Academy at Brera, Italy.

At Brera, Valentina excelled in achieved field and skills such as 3D Modeling and Animation, Animation 2D, Sound and Light Design, and Digital and Traditional painting techniques. Valentina achieved excellence in her studies with full marks. To say that she is an “illustrator” would be an incomplete definition of her skill set. Her highly defined skills finds her at the top of her filed in holding expressive and creative courses for adults, as well as courses in theatrical drawing for children.

Valentina has worked on large and small publications such as “La ninfa e il guerriero” (Masciulli Editore), “Sebastian’s Chronicles” (Capponi publisher), and now “The adventures of little queen Lilibet”. She has created fantastic professional drawings and animations for private companies as well as individuals which has allowed her to be rewarded by taking part is such intriguing and important projects.