“A Royal Day Out”

Book one of The Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet series introduces Little Queen Lilibet to the world. A visit to Buckingham Palace to spend time with her grandparents, King Goerge V and Queen Mary, turn into an enchanted historical adventure within the gates of Buckingham Palace.

“The Great Outdoors”

Book two of The Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet series introduces the York family within their home at Windsor Great Park. Exploring the surroundings of Windsor Castle and theĀ  Great Park itself, Lilibet learns to appreciate and respect nature.

“Christmas Crackers”

Book three of The Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet series sees Little Queen Lilibet join the extended Royal family at Sandringham where she witnesses history in the making with the Kings first ever Christmas Speech. Lilibet learns the importance of family.

Lilibet 3

An Ongoing Royal History Series

The Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet is an historical education series designed to appeal to the imaginations of young readers, whilst providing historical lessons about The Queen and her Royal surroundings during her time as a child. The enchanting adventure series includes children to learn lessons t help them make good decisions throughout their lives. The series plans to expand one book at a time, allowing maximum enjoyment to be experienced as the series grows. It is expected that the series will grow by two book per year.

The Importance of Education

Educating children with an adventurous and fun to learn method helps to engage young people, expand their minds and creativity, and further appeal to their sense of fantasy through enchantment. The Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet series does all of this an then some. The importance and place of the Queen and the Royal family is important to the workings of State, however this is not so important to young children, even though it will become more relevant as they grow. This children’s book series is designed to educate about the Monarchy and those within it by incorporating a fictional story-line set within the within the historically accurate spaces and settings which has been associated with the Royals for centuries. It is hoped that with the life lessons experienced by Little Queen Lilibet, that our young readers will learn the difference between right and wrong, respect each other and care for nature and further understand the importance of family and friends. Within this educational series, we hope to sow the seeds of the importance and interest of the Royal fay, The Monarch and the importance of The Crown.

Little QL

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