Little Queen Lilibet Shop

Little Queen Lilibet is here! Currently The Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet: A Royal Day Out is able to be purchased directly from the publisher in the Italian language as well as in book retailers within Italy. Due to the Carona Virus Pandemic, the release of this title in the English language has been delayed until early 2021. We apologise for this delay.

To purchase The Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet  in the Italian language, please visit the link below.

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE The Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet



Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic we have had to delay the stocking of merchandise and the opening of the Lilibet shop. Once A Royal Day Out, is published in the English language in addition to the current publication in the Italian language, the shop will be opened to provide a plethora of items for sale which directly relate to The Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet series. From tiaras to teacups, dolls to crayons, and a wide selection of other child-friendly products, the Little Queen Lilibet shop will provide a truly Royal experience for your little readers.