Historically Accurate

What makes The Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet so special and captivating, is that it is based on the real life of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, when she was a young Princess, albeit with a fictional story line to capture the imagination of young readers. Though the story line may be fiction, the people, places and artefacts contained within The Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet are true to their being.

Each element of this book series has been painstakingly researched and illustrated, not only in respect to the interiors of Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Balmoral and Sandringham, but also the exteriors and interiors of previous Royal residences which are no longer standing, such as 145 Piccadilly. Structures within the Buckingham Palace garden such as the boathouse and other monuments and structures which are no longer in existence are brought back to life within the pages of this historically oriented children’s book series.

From the makes, models and interiors of Royal automobiles, to the gold gilded coaches, to sparkling tiaras and shimmering crowns, each item surrounding, being worn by and/or adorning the characters in this book series has been researched and illustrated to reflect the historical accuracy  expected when creating an educational series which follows the life of the most well documented person on earth. Even the very toys and dolls that Princess Elizabeth and her sister, Princess Margaret, played with as children have been researched, illustrated and presented within the pages of this book series. The places, scenery, and material possessions, which The Queen was surrounded by as a young child, have been researched in depth, illustrated and presented within this historical fiction series.

In telling a story of “Royal times past”, Little Queen Lilibet, is able to bring modern children on an enchanting journey of Royal life into the now. It is said that “children will be children” but the times in which we live mould and shape the people that we become, thus making this book series the perfect tool to for children to explore history.