Meet the Creators

Longtime friends, Thomas and Stella, together with Valentina have combined their talents to create “The Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet”. With a love of history, education, writing, drawing and a deep affection for the British Crown, this talented team has found a way to bring Royal education to the littlest readers through an enchanted series which follows a young Queen Elizabeth II throughout her childhood.

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Thomas J. Mace-Archer-Mills


Stella Nosella


Valentina Vanasia


Little QL

Our Approach

Thomas and Stella have spent years educating adults and children alike. With an emphasis on educating children about a sometimes rather heavy topic, this dynamic duo has devised a way to introduce Royal themed history and studies to young readers, with an enchanting adventure through the young life of Queen Elizabeth II.

Every aspect of this series has been thoroughly researched and historically portrayed by Valentina’s fantastically illustrated characters, dramatic opulent interiors and architecturally aesthetic Royal structures, which are sure to delight and capture the imaginations of today’s modern children. “Little Queen Lilibet” is sure to teach the lessons of young life to a new audience that will grow to appreciate and understand the Royal family.

Our Story

It was a simple, friendly, conversation between Stella and Thomas that sparked this great educational project… and the rest is history, so they say. With a love for the British Monarchy and the Royal family, Thomas and Stella both had a parallel vision for providing education to young people, however their separate visions grew into one as they spoke and built on each other’s ideas, eventually creating the series now known as “The Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet”. With the addition of Stella’s dear friend and illustrator, Valentina, “Little Queen Lilibet” materialised through several fantastic coloured sketches as the beautiful and charming little creature the world has watched grow into a formidable female role-model.

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