A ROYAL ADVENTURE IN MULTI-LANGUAGES: The Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet welcomes you to the enchanted young life of a curious little Queen Elizabeth II. The series, published in both English, and Italian with L’Orto Della Cultura, welcomes readers of all ages into a world quite unlike any other. Written in the United Kingdom and intricately illustrated in Italy, both versions of the first instalment are able to be explored and ordered from this official website. The English version will be released on Accession Day 2019 (6 February) and is now available for pre-order in Italian just in time for Christmas!

“A Royal Day Out”

The first instalment of “The Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet” series, opens with an introduction to a young Queen Elizabeth II, aged eight, her family and the pre-abdication/pre-war Royal world of 1934.

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Who is “Lilibet”?

No matter who we are, adult or child, boy or girl, we all have a nickname. Even the most popular and influential people have a special name that their friends and family call them by. The Queen herself also has one – Lilibet.

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Historically Accurate

Every detail of this enchanted book series has been historically researched and painstakingly illustrated in regard to real places, people, belongings and themes, which add to the historical relevance of a pictured Royal life.

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Lilibet News:

Lilibet has launched in London to great fanfare! On Accession Day 202 (6 February) The Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet: A Royal Day Out, was unveiled to the British public in the presence of British MP’s, Lords, Celebrities, Foreign Dignitaries and several others, with a letter read to those assembled by the Vice-Chamberlain of the Royal Household. To read more about this event, the attendees, and formalities of the evening click here.


Lilibet launched in Italy on 21 December 2019, just in time for Christmas! The Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet: A Royal Day Out is now available to order in the Italian market under the title The Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet: A Day at Buckingham Palace. The title was released on 21 December just in time for Christmas! You can click here to learn about the Italian language version of the book, or click here to pre-order the book published by L’orto Della Cultura.

An Historically Enchanted Royal Education…

“The Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet” is a series which has been created to educate modern young people about the British Royal family through the eyes of Queen Elizabeth II as a young girl. Like any young child, “Lilibet” navigates family life, the differences between right and wrong, and many other themes which young people experience on a daily basis.

Always dutiful and wise beyond her years, “Lilibet” uses her insight and intuition to solve problems, learn lessons and provide a strong source of support not only to her sister, Princess Margaret, but her parents King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother).

Royal residences, Royal life and the Royal family itself are but a few of the topics explored throughout this enchanted series. Today’s modern children will learn about the British Monarchy through an in-depth story of connecting and related titles, which explore the most important events in modern British history that have shaped both the monarchy and the world as we know them today.

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Start a collection for your little family members…

“The Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet” is sure to delight readers of any age with vivid imaginations. Start your collection by purchasing the first book in the series, “A Royal Day Out”. Enjoy time with your young loved ones with a book and help them expand their creative minds, whilst improving their reading abilities.

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